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I am a qualified visual artist in the Netherlands working with oils and acrylics and loving the challenges of new media and new forms of expression.
You can take your personal pick from the pictures on this page, which lead to more examples and some info.

Portrait painting

Is a lifelong passion, both in commissioned as in free projects.

Restoration and Colorization

My skill in portraiture and digital editing make me particularly qualified for restoring your damaged (portrait) pictures and colorizing your old memories.

Photoshop magic

Another big passion is making changes to pictures in a way that it's next to impossible to detect those changes, ..or building a completely new image from various photos.

Let's talk..

If you think there is anything you would like me to do for you. Contact me!

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'FixurPictures' a facebook page about my photo editing work, with the latest updates, information, background stories and at times a special offer.